The Story So Far

On 5 February 2020, the Care Review published seven reports, with ‘the promise’ narrating a vision for Scotland, built on five foundations. With cross-party support and broad commitment to #KeepThePromise, Scotland, its statutory agencies, local authorities, third sector and thousands of children and families knew that much needed to change to make sure that all Scotland’s children grow up ‘loved, safe and respected.’

The Promise team began work in July 2020 and is responsible for translating the findings of the Care Review into The Plan for change and driving the change needed to implement The Plan at pace.

The Plan will be phased across ten years from 2020-2030, with the initial phase focused on the urgent and immediate changes during years 2-4. These are the things that will have the greatest impact on the lives of children and young people and their families.

The Promise’s sole reason for being is to facilitate and support change, wherever that change needs to happen to make sure The Plan is honoured and embedded.

Above all, The Promise is accountable to the those with lived experience of Scotland’s system of care and will keep listening and reflecting, modelling the approach which all of Scotland’s services should embed as ‘business as usual’.


October 2020

  • Recruitment for The Oversight Board with a majority of members with lived experience of the 'care system.' 
  • #KeepThePromise engagement to help organisations find their role in the work of change. 

November 2020

  • Recruitment for the majority care experienced Oversight Board ongoing.
  • Engagement with organisations ongoing with The Promise team available to help and support.

December 2020

  • Consolidation Period to discuss plans with organisations and review commitments 
  • All information collated into the overarching, multi-sector Plan

January 2021

  • The Plan will go to the Oversight Board who will decide if it works to #KeepThePromise

Engagement Process

What does it mean for your organisation to #KeepThePromise?

This document is intending to support you to work out how to #KeepThePromise to Scotland’s infants, children, young people and families.

Your organisation’s answers to the questions asked in the #KeepThePromise document should be submitted here by 27 November 2020

There are also a series of sector specific briefings covering the following: Adult Criminal Justice, Health and Social Care, Alcohol and Drugs, Children’s Hearing System, Children’s Social Care, Education, Family Support, Health and Wellbeing, Inspection and Regulation, Poverty, Residential Care, Secure Estate, Workforce and Youth Justice

During the engagement period, organisations will be asked to re-state their commitment to #KeepThePromise, this time articulating what their role is in delivering change; specifically what they will do and by when.

In October, The Promise ran webinars to help you find your role in the work of change. Recordings and slides of the webinars can be found on our Resources page. The Promise team will be on hand to work closely with organisations as they develop how they intend to #KeepThePromise.

The Promise team can offer support such as planning, service re-design or setting targets.  The aim will be to do this with networks and collaborations so please think about what other organisations you could connect with, or the networks you are part of, that could connect together in collaborative, joint sessions with the team.  In some cases, The Promise will be able to offer bespoke support and the team are happy to discuss this.

There will then follow a consolidation period where all of the information, proposals and commitments received are reviewed and The Promise team will get back to organisations to tailor support.

That will all then be collated into cross sector, multi agency, collectively owned Plan that will be put before The Oversight Board at their first meeting in January.  

Should you wish anything you provide to remain confidential that will be respected.


Signup to the Oversight Board Recruitment and #KeepThePromise webinars is now closed – recording and slides are available at our Resources page.